Esurance Commercial - Man Driving Electric Bumper Car

Esurance highlights, in its latest commercial, that “Safe Drivers Save Money”.

“Safe drivers who switch to Esurance could save money on car insurance.” – the voiceover says at the beginning of the 30-second spot, which features a middle-aged man being a safe driver of a kart. “You know, the kind of driver who always buckles up, comes to a complete stop, and looks both ways no matter what. Because Esurance believe that’s the kind of driver who deserves to save money on car insurance.” – the voiceover adds, while the man is seen doing all these safe moves before keeping driving.

“In fact, safe drivers who switch from GEICO to Esurance could save hundreds, so if you switch to Esurance, saving is a pretty safe bet.” – the voiceover states at the end of the spot, which also informs that the average savings reported by customers who switched from GEICO to Esurance in 2016 and had no notable prior claims was $379.