Esurance Scott Brothers Commercial - DYI Ditties

Esurance continues the “DYI Ditties” campaign, starring the Scott Brothers, with a new video, in which Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott show you how to tell whether your tires need to be replaced.

Presented as the track #7, “Hail to the Thread”, the spot features the twin brothers showing off their singing skills (again), while delivering the above mentioned information.

“How do you check when it’s time to change your tires?
Find a penny with Abe Lincoln on one side.
Flip him upside down headfirst in the tire tread.
Can you see his face? Can you see his whole face?
If not, your tires don’t need to be replaced.
If you can’t see his face, your tires don’t need to be replaced”.
The Scott brothers have teamed up with Esurance to create a series of ditties providing viewers with cool hacks and helpful tips for home and car. They show you how to create a nonstick backing for your favorite indoor rug, how to heal minor scratches with the help of a walnut, how to remove creaks in
floors, how to solve the issue of sticky drawers, and more.