eBay Commercial: Selfie

“Taking selfies on the edge of a balcony isn’t smart. But selling your phone on eBay for the most money possible is. “- this is the message conveyed in the latest eBay commercial, urging viewers to sell their phone(s) on eBay.

The 15-second spot, dubbed “Phone Selfie”, features a young couple on a balcony dropping the phone while trying to take a selfie and showcases some of the smartphones sold on eBay, such as Galaxy S6 (at $215), iPhone 7 (at a trending price of $603).

eBay states that even old, broken, and used phones are worth money and invites you to find out how much by filling in some sections on its website. Selling your smartphone on eBay is easy, mentions the company, explaining that all you have to do is describe the phone, upload a few photos, set your price, and choose a shipping method, and that your phone will be then available to more than 150 million prospective buyers.