Dunkin' Donuts Halloween Commercial

Dunkin’ Donuts showcases its Dunkin’-inspired doggie costumes for Halloween in a new commercial.

The spot features several dogs dressed in costumes inspired by Dunkin’ Donuts new Halloween donuts and their owners, who are going in a park for a picnic with donuts and drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts.

“These pups in their little costumes were inspired by Dunkin’ Donuts new spooky Halloween donuts. They’re ready to spread some Halloween cheer. And even though they’re not exactly scary, they’re definitely delivering the cute and having the best time while their friends enjoy Dunkin’s Halloween donuts all dressed up in their Halloween best.” – is the message conveyed in the ad through onscreen lines.

Dunkin’ Halloween donuts are available in the following varieties: Scary Strawberry Donut, Owl Fashioned Donut,
Spider Donut, Choc-o-Lantern Donut, Nilla Nightmare Donut, Spooky Sprinkles Donut, Ghoulish Glazed Donut, Pumpkin, Boston Scream Donut, Wicked Chocolate Donut, Purple Potion Donut, Vampire’s Delight Donut, Full Moon Donut, and Witch’s Brew Berry Donut.