Dollar Shave Club Commercial

Dollar Shave Club has launched a new ad inviting viewers to experience the convenience of DSC today.

The 30-second spot, called “Tranq Dart” and aiming to illustrate the idea that shopping for razors at the store can be a numbing experience, literally, features a guy at a store finding the razor case locked. He asks an employee if she has the keys, but she says she hasn’t. When he asks if someone can help him get some razors, an offscreen voice answers “No”, so he decides to take a razor by himself, but the alarm sounds and an employee shows up and shoots a tranquilizer dart at him, making him fall down to the floor. “It’s kind of like they don’t want you to buy razors.” – a guy says, walking over the customer’s body.

The spot ends with the voiceover urging you to get a DSC Starter Set at the brand’s website.

Starter Sets include some of the brand’s grooming products and a month’s supply of razors. One of the Starter Sets, dubbed “The Best F**King Starter Set” (3 Pcs) features the 6-blade Executive razor and the Sh*t, Shower & Shave Trial Kit in your first box.