Dolce & Gabbana Commercial - Sylvester Stallone's daughters

Dolce & Gabbana has released a new ad campaign, titled “Emotioneyes”, starring Sylvester Stallone’s daughters Sistine and Sophia.

Dressed in similar black lacy dresses and sporting flawless beauty looks, the two young girls, who are promoting eyeliner, are seen making their way through the streets of Bari (a city in the southern Italy) and learning the art of making Orecchiette pasta in the campaign video. They are also seen using the brand’s eyeliner to complete their make-up on a balcony, sparking up conversation and dancing with the locals, among them being also a very old lady.

Earlier this year, in June, the two Stallone sisters walked for Dolce & Gabbana as part of Milan Men’s Fashion Week. They have also appeared, together with their younger sister, Scarlet, in various magazines, like Harper by Harper’s Bazaar and The Hollywood Reporter, and they also recently served as the Joint Miss Golden Globes 2017.