Lil' Sweet - Dr Pepper Commercial

Lil Sweet is back on TV, in a new commercial for Diet Dr Pepper.

The 38-year-old musician and actor Justin Guarini, who’s been starring as Lil’ Sweet since 2015 for the brand’s TV ads, shows up from a pool, as a tiny “pool toy”, approaching a woman whose daughter was rushing her to inflate a giant swan-shaped float. “Lil’ Sweet comin’ out of the deep totally dry” – he sings as he emerges from the pool and walks on water, jamming a special song for the respective mother: “Mama, give your lungs a breather. Those tired lips deserve something sweeter. A Diet Dr Pepper”.

When she tastes the drink and says “Sweet”, he serenades “Mama likes it sweet” and says, when her husband asks
something for him, as well, that he came for her. “Are you a lifeguard or something?” – she wants to know and, learning that he knows CPR, starts flirting with him. “Help me, I’m drowning”, she says smiling, making her husband look a little bit worried.

The spot ends with Lil’ Sweet jumping off the trampoline up in the air and singing the brand’s tagline, “It’s the sweet one”.