Dacia Duster Commercial

Renault showcases the All-New Dacia Duster, unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, on September 12, in a new commercial.

The spot, titled “Day after Day with All-new Dacia Duster”, presents Dacia’s iconic model which boasts new modern and robust exterior styling, a fully-updated interior, described as “high-quality, comfortable and user-friendly”, and a range of new equipment to facilitate everyday driving, including multi-view camera which facilitates four-wheel drive use.

The automaker highlights that the new Duster boasts an improved 4WD driving experience and the same off-road capability in a series of images showing people driving offroad and enjoying nature, despite the road conditions, illustrating that every day of the week can be turned into a special day with the all-new Duster. Monday can become Mudday, Tuesday Viewday, Wednesday Windsday, Thursday Dustday, Friday Freeday, Saturday Waterday, and Sunday Funday. “Are you ready for next day?” – is the question raised at the end of the spot.

In terms of price, Fran├žois Mariotte, General Manager, Dacia Sales & Marketing, stated that “The All-New Duster is still shockingly affordable, which means it has everything to continue to appeal to customers and prolong the success story it has enjoyed to date.”