Dolph Ziggler in Cricket Wireless Commercial

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler shows off his dance moves in a new Cricket Wireless commercial, promoting the prepaid wireless brand’s 4G LTE coverage.

The professional wrestler, who’s been a Cricket brand ambassador since 2015, makes quite an entrance, on the rhythms of “Here to Show the World” by Downstait (which is his theme for the show off of the WWE) in a restaurant where a young woman is trying to upload the meal she’s having for dinner on a social media website.

Wearing a leather jacket undone, sporting his toned abs, Ziggler gives to the lady a smartphone, telling her that a girl like her deserves a good network. Thanks to Cricket’s 4G LTE coverage, she manages to upload the image in no time and, delighted by the hundreds of likes she gets, she says she’s on fire. Soon, though, when flames are bursting behind her, she loses her smile.

At the end of the spot, an onscreen line informs viewers that Cricket Wireless provides “More 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile or Sprint” and that it is a proud sponsor of WWE, while Ziggler is seen taking a selfie with the young woman.