Credit Karma Hug Commercial

Credit Karma has launched a series of hilarious new ads to promote its free credit monitoring service and highlight that checking your scores won’t hurt your credit.

One of them, titled “Certified Hug Therapist”, features a man at a psychotherapist for his credit score related issue. “What I’m hearing is that you’re not feeling great about this.” – the counselor says.

“My credit’s awful. There’s nothing I can do.” – the guy says. “Sounds like you need a hug.” – the psychotherapist answers and calls in a huge man, who seems to be a sumo wrestler, to give him a hug. After the long hug, the patient takes a seat again and asks the counselor if that helped his credit. The answer is “No” and he is advised, instead, to try Credit Karma. “It’s free and they have tips.” – the counselor adds.

While the man who hugged him a few seconds before is putting a blanket around the patient’s shoulders, the latter checks his credit score on Credit Karma and finds out that it needs work.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying the company’s tagline, “Get knowing”.