Corona Extra Commercial

Corona Extra is searching for “seekers of the sun” in its latest ad, released to promote its pale beer.

“Wanted: Seekers of the sun. People who understand the relationship between happiness and light. Our ideal candidate works well in a team or remotely. The background of beaches is also preferred.” – says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, while on screen people who want to stay in the sunlight are shown, such as people who move their table on a terrace so that they could enjoy not only their beer (Corona), but also the rays of sunshine and people who stay just on a “slice” of beach, where a last ray of sunshine, before the sunset, gets between skyscrapers.

“If you’re thinking of joining us, here’s our card. We’re Sunshine Specialists. This is our job. And this is how we make summer” – adds the voiceover, while the spot features people indulging themselves with Corona at the beach.

The brand’s tagline, “Make Summer Happen”, appears on screen at the end of the ad, which is created by agency Cramer-Krasselt.