Compare the Market Commercial

Price comparison website continues its “Compare the Meerkat” campaign with a new commercial,
highlighting that its expert advisors are “always on hand to find you the right deal on insurance” and that they are “excellent at multitasking too”.

“To help you find the best policy, our expert health insurance advisors really put themselves in your shoes.” – Aleksandr (a fictional anthropomorphic Russian meerkat who is the founder of is heard saying at the beginning of the 30-second spot, titled “Our advisors in your shoes”, which features several expert health insurance advisors in an open space office being engaged in phone conversations with clients and doing, at the same time, various other activities, based on various jobs that their clients have. One of the advisors is also a bricklayer, another one is a stay-at-home mother of three (including a new-born baby), another one is a garage mechanic, and another one is a fire fighter.

“See how Compare the Market advisors can help you get a health insurance deal that’s perfect for you.” – Aleksandr
adds. The commercial ends with The General transferring a client’s call to a pilot as he was requested for a discussion. Aleksandr’s catchfrase, “Simples”, is also heard.