Colgate Total Wedding Commercial

Colgate continues its ad campaign promoting Colgate Total, which with a new ad, raising the same question: “Are you totally ready for life?”.

The 15-second spot, titled “The Big Day”, aiming to highlight that “Colgate Total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums for 12 hours leaving you with a healthier mouth so you’re totally ready for whatever life throws at you”, features a best man on his friend’s wedding day, at 11am, who pranks him by acting as if he lost the rings. He’s shown looking all worried through his pockets, in front of the groom, who gets panicked for a few moments. However, the guy soon reveals he was joking and that he does have the rings, and they are all starting to laugh out loud. The ad continues with a scene taking place 12 hours later, at 11 pm, still at the wedding, when the bride throws the bouquet. The young woman catching it almost falls to the floor, but the prankster best man arrives just in time to catch her. “Are you totally ready to be next?” – an onscreen line reads, while the potential future couple smile to each other, revealing perfect white teeth.

The spot, featuring Jackie Wilson’s 1967 hit song “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher”, ends with the tagline “Be totally ready for life with a healthier mouth”.

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