ClearScore Dog TV Advert

Charlie is looking for loan recommendations on with his faithful friend Moose and reveals that he wants to propose to his girlfriend, Lauretta, in the latest advert released by ClearScore.

The 10-second spot features Moose the boxer asking Charlie the famous question “Wat Doing?” and Charlie, holding his smartphone in one hand, answers that he’s looking for personalised loan recommendations. “I’m thinking of popping the question!”, adds Charlie, making Moose place a paw on his knee and say “But I love you!”.

The advert ends with the company’s tagline, “Your credit score. For free. Forever”.

One of the leading FinTech businesses in the UK, ClearScore aims to change the way people manage their finances,
starting with their credit score and report, which can be checked for free, and help them achieve greater financial
well being.

The company’s website provides useful information also about credit cards, such as how to pick the best credit card for you, practical ways to stay safe with your credit card, cashback credit cards, about loans, such as the different types of loans, understanding different types of lenders, why your loan risks rejection, and mortgages, including a beginner’s guide to mortgages, a guide to mortgage affordability assessments, what you should know before getting your first mortgage, and many more.