Gennady Golovkin in Chival Regal Commercial

Chivas Regal is introducing The Chivas Fight Club, raising the question “What are you fighting for?” and urging you to “Fight for it” and “Win the right way”.

“At Chivas Fight Club, we believe there’s a fighter in all of us. A mind that’s always moving, thinking. And a heart that won’t be knocked down. We believe in staying devoted to the fight because every dream is worth fighting for. On the rise to the top, hard work should be rewarding and success always shared.” – says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, featuring Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, middleweight champion of the world, training in the ring.

Through this initiative, the brand of luxury whisky brings to life, according to Shefali Murdia, Brand Director for Chivas Regal, its core values, “embracing the mixture of cultures and importance of shared success, as every person has a unique battle they fight with passion, gloves on and off”.

The Kazakhstan-born fighter was chosen as the face of The Chivas Fight Club campaign, to promote “the unique fighter within every individual”, given his resemblence with the Chivas brothers. Besides sharing “humble beginnings” with the brand founders, he has always stayed true to his values in his endeavor to fulfill his dreams and won the right way, according to Murdia.

Chivas Regal invites all consumers and fans to join The Chivas Fight Club by sharing what they are fighting for by using the hashtag #FightForIt on social media. Those who join the club will gain exclusive entry into watch parties and boxing workout classes and will also be entered into sweepstakes for a chance to see Golovkin’s upcoming match on September 16th against Canelo Alvarez.