Chick-fil-A Cow Commercial

Chick-fil-A reminds you to keep showing your appreciation for cows, in a new ad featuring a cow, to celebrate the Cow Appreciation Day.

The spot features a cow standing near a woman at a desk in a TV studio set up outdoor, on a field, who takes messages from viewers on the occasion of Cow Appreciation Day. One of the messages, from a viewer named Betsy, says “We love the cows. If we could give the cows a special gift, we’d give them a free play day to run around and do anything they wanted.” When the presenter reads it, the cow goes to take a walk. “Ok, you guys take a minute, just run around, it’s your day, appreciate you.” – says the woman looking at the cow.

Cow Appreciation Day is Chick-fil-A’s largest, single-day customer appreciation event celebrating the quick service chain’s iconic “Eat Mor Chikin” Cows. This special day was introduced in 2005 and participation continues to grow each year. In 2016, more than 1.600.000 people wearing any sort of cow apparel went to redeem a free entrĂ©e in more than 2100 participating Chick-fil-A restaurants.