Capri Sun Commercial

Capri Sun promotes its fruit juice in a commercial featuring a group of kids that make a dangerous thing to get their mother’s attention so that they could highlight afterwards how healthy this drink is.

Titled “BMX”, the 30-second spot features several kids who built a rickety bike ramp and are volunteering to lay down under it while one of them performs a stunt with his BMX, but it turns out they did this only to get attention and talk about Capri Sun. The children highlight that this drink doesn’t have artificial colors or flavors, artificial preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup, and that there is also organic Capri Sun.

The spot ends with a little girl saying the brand’s tagline, “Get those kids some Capri Sun”.

Capri Sun’s range of products includes also Capri Sun Sport, a flavored water beverage specifically formulated for active kids, which contains, according to the brand, a blend of electrolytes and water, and 25% fewer calories than leading regular sport drinks.