Canadian Down Syndrome Society Commercial

Canadian Down Syndrome Society highlights, in a new commercial, that, this year, 9.363 babies were born with Down syndrome in North America, and invites you to send each of them a warm welcome at

The spot, created in collaboration with Agency FCB Canada, begins with an onscreen line informing viewers that it contains “inappropriate language” and features several youngsters with Down syndrome giving potential answers to the question “What do you say to parents who just had a child with Down syndrome?”.

“Holly shit!”, “You just had a baby.”, “He’s so cute I want to barf.”, “Well, there goes your s.x life.”, “Does your hurts?”, “I hope you are ready for lots of sh..ty diapers.” – are some of the reactions said and illustrated by the youngsters.

“See, you can say almost anything. The truth is the only bad word is ‘Sorry’. You’re supposed to be celebrating. Now, don’t be sorry about a baby. Be happy. Because every baby deserves a long f…ing welcome.” – this is the message conveyed by the kids, whose pictures from early childhood are shown at the end of the spot.

Finally, an onscreen line encourages you to send babies with Down syndrome a warm welcome at