Calzedonia Julia Roberts Commercial

Julia Roberts returns in a new commercial for Calzedonia, endorsing this time, hosiery.

Set inside a Calzedonia store, the spot features the Hollywood actress helping an employee for a few moments by holding some legs sporting hosiery. Shortly, she becomes the point of attraction in the store, but not because she is the famous actress. The reason why other customers approach her is due to the silk stockings she’s wearing. A group of teenage girls take a selfie with her hosiery, leaving her face out of the picture. Seeing that the tree youngsters have bought the same type of hosiery, Julia smiles and leaves the store happy, with a few Calzedonia bags, as well.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Calzedonia Your Hosiery Shop”.

At the beginning of last month, on September 5, Julia Roberts attended Calzedonia fashion show called Calzedonia Legs Show and held in Verona, Italy, as a special guest and testimonial of the Italian brand for the third year.