California Lottery Commercial - Pennies

California Lottery reminds us to show our appreciation, this holiday season, to all those we are thankful for, in a new commercial, inviting us to “give the gift of possibilities”.

The spot, titled “Pennies”, features a man arriving at the office and starting to put a penny on the desks of his colleagues, without being seen. Initially, no one understands what the coin is for, but as they are leaving the office in the afternoon, they find on their windshields holiday cards with Holiday Scratchers from California Lottery inside and, suddenly, all makes sense.

“A little gift goes a long way.” – a final onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which also has the voiceover saying the tagline “Give the gift of scratchers”.

The CA Lottery range of Holiday Scracthers includes the $1 Merry Money ticket, featuring a special gift tag design and six collectible scenes, that offers the chance to win up to $500, the $5 Pure Gold ticket, that offers seven games and a chance to win up to $250.000, the $10 Holiday Magic ticket, that includes a “To and From” message on the back and offers up to 50 chances to win up to $1.000.000, and more.