C&A Christmas Commercial

C&A invites people to “Celebrate Together” this holiday season in its Christmas commercial, showcasing pieces from the festive collection and delivering a motivation message.

“Who tells us how to celebrate Christmas? In a blaze of glory or just one glam. Let’s make every place a cosy zone. Let’s turn the silent night into a stylish night. Let’s show grace in ways. Let’s wrap up in warmth and love. Let’s celebrate together.” – the voiceover says in the 55-second spot, that features several families celebrating Christmas Eve with their dear ones, families and friends, doing various activities. A woman is seen decorating the Christmas tree when her dog, decorated as well with Christmas lights, enters the room, making her smile, a family of three is seen dancing in the dark around the Christmas tree in clothes adorned with shining lights, another woman is seen revealing the surprise she has prepared for her two friends, namely a unicorn-shaped cake, another family is seen playing charades, and a young man is seen making his wife laugh by wrapping his head as if he was a gift.

Among the showcased styles there are a black festive jumpsuit, featuring stretchy pants with tapered leg, waistband
in satin look, and V-neckline top adorned in a stylish way, a fit & flare dress that flatters the body thanks to the matching bodice and flared skirt and velvet details, a purple empire dress, featuring a waisted cut, an elastic underbust band with ruffles, and transparent long sleeves with narrow elastic cuffs and flounce.

The commercial ends with the families getting outside of the building and enjoying the snow all together. The brand’s tagline, “Feed Good Fashion”, also appears on screen.

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