Bush's Beans Dog Commercial

Bush’s Beans shows people the secret kitchen where the brand’s variety of canned baked beans are made in a new

The 30-second spot begins with Jay Bush and his dog, Duke, presented as “Purveyors of Perfect Beans”, in Jay’s office. “Everybody knows Bush’s has a secret family recipe for baked beans.” – he says and then unlock a secret door from a shelf of his library, which leads to the secret kitchen. “No way.!” – Duke exclaims, following Jay, who mentions that that’s not their only secret. “Savory black beans, party pinto beans, flavorful chili beans, they’re glorious. So many beautiful beans. So many secrets! It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.” – Duke tells
Jay. “This is one secret you can tell the whole world.” – Jay answers, making Duke ask to pinch him, believing he must be dreaming.

Bush’s Beans range of products includes, besides Baked Beans, Hummus Made Easy, Variety Beans, Latin-Inspired Flavors, Chili Beands & Starters, Grillin’ Beans, Reduced Sodium Beans, Organic Beans, and Limited Edition flavors, like Sriracha, which are “mouthwatering pinto beans slow-cooked in a spicy yet tangy and garlicky Sriracha sauce”.