Burger King Cheesy Tots Commercial

Burger King has gathered some of the biggest Cheesy Tots fans to see just how far they would go to get them back on the menu and shows you the challenges they accepted in a new commercial, announcing that the Cheesy Tots are back for a limited time only, at participating restaurants.

The 60-second spot, titled “Anything for CHEESY TOTS”, features a group of Cheesy Tots lovers taking on some challenges written on the inside of the empty Cheesy Tots box they receive in order to have it filled with Cheesy Tots. One of them, a guy who said he would jump out of a plane for Cheesy Tots, agrees to get an orange spray tan, a girl puts her face in ketchup, a young woman agrees to have her hair dyed orange, and a guy agrees to go in a dunk tank, even though he fears that he may drown. Eventually, they all conclude that it totally worth it.

The spot ends with the voiceover informing that Cheesy Tots are back only at Burger King. According to the fast-food restaurant chain, the Cheesy Tots, available on the lunch and dinner menus, are “crunchy outside, gooey cheese and warm potato inside”.