Burger King Commercial

Burger King introduces the all-new Bacon Cheddar Ranch and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich in a 15-second spot.

The ad features two guys in a Burger King restaurant, with the Burger King golden crowns on their heads, talking about the newest additions to the chain’s menu. “I can’t believe Burger King eats Crispy Chicken Sandwich like this.” – says one of them. “I can’t believe this one has Bacon Cheddar Ranch” – says the other one, ready to take a bite from a Bacon Cheddar Ranch. “I can’t believe we’re this handsome” – continues the first one the “I can’t believe…” series. His companion doesn’t continue it, though, answering that he can (believe they’re handsome).

The spot ends with the voiceover saying that, if you can’t believe the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, you won’t believe
it with Bacon Cheddar Ranch, and urging you to try one of them. They are available for a limited time at participating restaurants.