Buffallo Wild Wings Halloween Commercial

“This Halloween, one man will learn if you pretend to be a thing you might actually turn into that thing.” – this is the message conveyed in the teaser released by Buffalo Wild Wings for its Halloween film, The Red Zone, about a dad’s Halloween costume that becomes a nightmare for all his family.

The film is set in Gainesville, Florida, and revolves around a family of Gators fans on the Halloween night. The teaser shows the man, dressed as a Bulldgos fan, with a red jersey featuring the number 34 and his face painted half white half red, eating a Buffalo Wild Wings takeout in the basement and being spotted by his kids, who get scared. Trying to remove the make-up off his face, he realizes, in front of a mirror, he can’t do that.

The fast-food chain invites people to treat themselves to takeout with improved online ordering and see the full
movie at Buffalo Wild Wings website.

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