Boots TV Advert - Girls at the Pool

The UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer Boots has launched a new TV advert, with the hashtag #FeelsLikeSummer, to highlight that it’s the time when our toes are out and new beauty looks come to play.

“When the sun begins to shine, we all know that it’s the time to wax those legs and paint those toenails pink. So tame your hair and gloss those lips, protect all your delicate bits. Then slap on fake tan and you can wave the white bits all away. Well, I wish it could be summer everyday. So let’s all sing out for summer.” – sings a male voiceover in the 30-second spot, which features men and women crowding at the pool and getting themselves ready. Some of them are shown waxing their legs, a young woman is shown painting her toenails, another one, in the company of two friends, all of them ogling a sexy shirtless guy, spraying her hair with sun hair spray, another one applying lip gloss, and another entering a changing room and applying fake tan before actually going to the pool.

The kids are taking animal-shaped floats and wait for their parents to put on sunscreen.

The advert, promoting the retailer’s offers on 1000s of summer skincare, ends with an elderly lady sitting on a buoy in the pool.

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