BMW M Commercial: Mother-in-law

BMW continues its ad campaign promoting the BMW M automobiles, with a hilarious new commercial.

The 30-second spot, titled “Mothers in Misery”, features a man helping his mother-in-law to get out of his BMW. The lady, who first hands him over her bag and then unlatches the seat belt, is obviously uncomfortable because of the seat. As she arranges her skirt and gets out, the lines “Too uncomfortable”, “Too bold”, “Too slanted”, “Too powerful”, “Too wicked”, “Too much” appear on screen.

The spot ends with dozens of colorful BMW M automobiles forming a “M” in a huge parking lot and with the onscreen line “The all-new BMW-M.COM where too much is just right”.

The German car manufacturer urges you to go to to discover why a BMW M can actually feel too low, along with more videos and entertaining topics.