Best Buy Samsung QLED Commercial

Best Buy has launched a new ad, urging viewers to upgrade their tech at Best Buy and save up to 30% on select Samsung 4K TVs.

The 30-second spot, titled “Colorful Characters”, features Adam, a guy who doesn’t need body paint or a jersey, like the guys sitting next to him on his couch, to show off his team’s colors because, thanks to his new Samsung QLED 4K TV from Best Buy, with over a billion more shades of color, his team has never looked better. “Adam doesn’t need a jersey or a body paint to show the die-hard fan he is. He’s showing his true colors with the latest Samsung QLED 4K TV he upgraded to thanks to the expert service and one-of-a-kind selection only at Best Buy.” – the voiceover says, while Adam is shown at a Best Buy store talking to an employee about a TV. The voiceover mentions that this TV’s “QLED picture technology delivers over a billion shades of color, so Adam’s team always looks unbeatable”.

As the spot continues, we see Adam and one of his fellows, who’s sporting a body paint, doing a chest bump, which literally leaves a mark on his shirt.

The spot, which features music from the Rockie film soundtrack, ends with the voiceover encouraging you to “upgrade your tech at Best Buy”, while on screen the retailer’s tagline, “Expert Service. Unbeatable Price.”, appears.