Best Buy Mr. Black Friday Commercial

Best Buy has come up with a new marketing strategy to convince people shop at Best Buy for Black Friday deals: the retailer shows how “super shopper” Jarvis Johnson camps outside Best Buy every year for Black Friday.

The spot features Jarvis introducing himself as “Mr. Black Friday” and setting his tent, with microwave and other
small things, in front of a Best Buy store, where he waits for the big day to come.

A Best Buy employee is also shown talking about Jarvis. She says that he comes to the store every single year and that “he makes his presence known.” “He is hilarious.” – she also says after mentioning his “elaborate tent”.

That’s not all: Jarvis gives viewers some Black Friday tips (such as “Know what you want.”, “Keep your mind open because you might see something else on sale you might want to get.”) and warns them to not forget their money at home.

“I will always be known as Mr. Black Friday. I can guarantee you this year ain’t nobody got nothing on this guy. Black Friday is coming. Where will you be?” – he asks at the end of the spot.