Best Buy Adam DeVine Commercial

Adam DeVine has teamed up with Best Buy to create the only university dedicated to teaching you about almost being in college.

The 33-year-old American actor and comedian stars in a 60-second spot promoting “Almost College University”, powered by Best Buy, mentioning the “full tech-tile curriculum” used to teach students real lessons, like “How to ask your parents for more money” and “How to enhance your social skills”. With reference to the latter, he gives also some hints, including PS4, pro VR headset, and a film starring “a hilarious beefcake” (the hilarious beefcake being himself).

The spot ends with DeVine urging viewers to visit the “Techtoimpress” section at Best Buy’s website to learn
what it takes to Tech to Impress.

The star and co-creator of the Comedy Central series “Workaholics”, appears also in other spots, giving college hacks in a series of course classes aimed to teach you how to crush it in college. “Speed Reading”, “Street Credits”, “Looking Cool”, “Making Friends” – are only some of the courses taught by DeVine.