Beautyrest Commercial

Simmons’ flagship brand, Beautyrest, states that “Sleep Performance Is The New Performance” in a new commercial,
promoting the brand’s innovative technology that ensures personalised comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

The spot, based on the idea that, just as athletes use equipment and technology to maximize their performance, sleepers can rely on Beautyrest’s innovations and technology to maximize their sleep performance, features images of athletes training outdoor and at the gym and, eventually, the image of a guy waking up.

“For some, it’s a distance. For some, it’s a time. For some, it’s a point. A pause. Moving a bunch of heavy stuff and doing whatever this is.” – the voiceover says in the 30-second ad, referring to a man doing a battle rope workout. “And for some, it’s eight hours of high performance sleep.” – he adds, while a man wakes up at the sound of his alarm and an onscreen line reads “Sleep performance is the new performance”.

The spot highlights that, with Beautyrest innovations and technology, such as BlackICE Memory Foam, Micro Diamond Memory Foam, and advanced support system, “sleep performance is the new performance”.

The brand states that Beautyrest’s Advanced Support System ensures a proper sleeping posture thanks to its Pocketed Coil Technology, that delivers pressure relief and individualized back support. The high-density memory foam features cool-to-the-touch gel technology designed to create an ideal sleep climate and the Beautyrest Micro Diamond Memory Foam uses real diamonds to pull heat away from the body and helps keep you cool while you sleep.