Bank of America Commercial

Bank of America celebrates its status of Official Bank of the New York Yankees with a new commercial, part of the #MLBmemorybank campaign, featuring the surprise made to Castle Hill Little League.

The 60-second spot shows the young players from Castle Hill Little League, who needed some bullpen help and received, to their surprise, Mariano Rivera. As the former pitcher enters the fiel wearing his jersey number 42 and encouraging the kids, the crowd is cheering. While in the background salsa music is playing, on screen the boys are shown playing baseball and enjoying the victory. “Great job, great job!” – is heard at the end of the spot.

#MLBmemorybank is a platform for fans to tell their stories and share their passion for the game through baseball memories and, for the purpose, Bank of America has also helped them create new memories. For instance, Baltimore Orioles All-Star CF Adam Jones went undercover as a substitute teacher to give a group of kids a baseball memory they’d never forget and three-year-old tee-ball player Cooper Buell was invited, together with his family, to Minute Maid Park for a memorable day with the Houston Astros.