Audi g-tron Commercial

Audi introduces its g-tron models powered with e-gas from wind energy in a new commercial, titled “Wind”.

The 90-second spot features a young boy in the back seat of an Audi that speeds down a road through a wild landscape, looking at the clouds, at the people that enjoy the wind blows, and imagining a fluffy cloud following
their car.

“When the wind blows hard and the clouds move faster, maybe the wind comes from the clouds. It was beautiful like snow in summer. When the wind is strong enough it can make people dance in the air.” – the boy’s voice is heard saying, while on screen images of dandelion seeds wafting on the breeze and of people flying kites out in a field are seen.

“The wind is crazy and strong. It can turn leaves into a flying circus. The wind is everywhere. My dad says the gas that drives our car comes from the wind. So the wind is driving our car.” – the boy also says before the final onscreen line “A new drive. The Audi g-tron models powered with e-gas from wind energy”.

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