AT&T Mark Wahlberg Commercial

AT&T has droped a new ad starring Mark Wahlberg to promote its Unlimited plan which gives you 60 channels of live television on any screen, for $70/month.

“We, the entertainment loving people, want an Unlimited Data plan that gives us more. We want more than just text. More than just surfing and shopping. Because sure, we want to follow all the people we love, like our directors, but mostly to get the entertainment we love.” – says the American actor, who shows viewers his smartphone featuring various movie scenes and characters.

The spot ends with the voiceover urging viewers to switch to AT&T for the only Unlimited plan that gives 60+ channels of live television on any screen, all for $70/month.

The telecom giant’s latest ad campaign, starring Wahlberg, is created in collaboration with BBDO and promotes its wireless, DirecTV Now service (with 62 channels with HBO for free) and home Internet services.