Michael B. Jordan - AT&T Commercial

AT&T urges people, in one of its latest commercials, starring Michael B. Jordan, to free themselves from annual contracts, bulky hardware, and even walls.

The 15-second spot, dubbed “Contracts B. Gone” and aiming to promote the company’s DIRECTV Now service, which enables users to stream live TV from any screen, features the 30-year-old American actor shredding a huge pile of contracts in the backyard of a guy who’s a few feet away, watering the lawn with a hose and watching something on his smartphone. As the shreds are floating above him, a group of people come toward him, applauding, and Jordan appears, as well, saying “I’m so happy for you, guys!”.

“Stream live TV with no annual contract or bulky hardware” – is the final onscreen line before the logo of DIRECTV is shown, eventually.

Michael B. Jordan, known for his roles in the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights, ABC’s soap opera All My Children and HBO’s series The Wire, but also in films such as Human Torch, Creed, That Awkward Moment, and others, has joined, thus, the ranks of Mark Walhberg, who’s also promoting the AT&T’s services. Jordan also stars in other spots promoting the telecom giant’s DIRECTV Now service, inviting people to get rid of cable and stream live TV with no cable box.