AT&T Commercial: Mom's on Board

AT&T has launched a new campaign, titled “It Can Wait”, in order to highlight that “Distracted driving is never OK” and urging people to take the pledge to never drive distracted and help spread the message that “you’re never alone on the road, even when you’re alone in your car”.

This initiative includes a 360 experience which is a simulation showing the real consequences of looking at your phone while driving, an app called AT&T DriveMode App, aiming to minimize distractions while driving and help you keep your eyes on the road while driving, photos featuring the text “It Can Wait”, shared by millions of people who have joined this movement, and also a series of spots.

One of them, titled “Drive Like Your Mom’s on Board”, based on the idea that “Overbearing moms can be funny, but they just want you to remember to take care of yourself and others, especially when you’re on the road”, features a teenage boy at the wheel, trying to grab his smartphone when it rings. At this point, his mom’s face appears near it and her voice is heard saying “Don’t you dare touch that phone!”. He decides to leave the device where it is and keep driving, focused on the road, which leads to a series of compliments from his mother, like “You’re so handsome when you don’t drive distracted”.

The ad finishes with the onscreen lines “AT&T wants you Drive Like Your Mom’s on Board” and “Distracted driving is never OK.”