AT&T AdWorks Commercial

AT&T AdWorks Commercial

AT&T promotes AT&T AdWorks, described as “the nationwide leader in addressable TV advertising”, in a new commercial, highlighting that AdWorks can help advertisers reach the right audience and deliver a better ROI, now across screens.

“Imagine a world where you’re connected to your target audience at home or on-the-go across devices, maximizing
return on video advertising by serving ads to the right consumers, on the right screen, at the right time.

Delivering a brand message of scale across the nation with no waste, now at a device level.” – says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, mentioning that “This isn’t science fiction” and that is “AT&T AdWorks taking addressable advertising further than ever before”.

The ad, titled “Imagine”, features a woman who sees specific ads during various times of the day, on various devices: in the morning, while she’s having breakfast, she sees them on her TV, while heading to the office, in the cab, she sees them on her tablet, and in her lunch break she sees them on her smartphone.

The spot ends with an astronaut with the AT&T logo on his spacesuit, into space, illustrating the idea of taking addressable advertising “further than ever before”, and with the voiceover welcoming viewers to “the point of more return”.