Asus ZenFone Live Commercial - The Ring

Asus has released a new commercial, showcasing the new ZenFone Live, the world’s first smartphone with hardware-optimized, real-time beautification technology that makes it possible to share an even more glamorous version of yourself live.

The 60-second spot, titled “Beauty and the Ghost” and inspired by the horror film The Ring, features a young woman sleeping in her bedroom, “visited” by a ghost coming out of her TV. The girl takes her ZenFone Live and begins to livestream the “event”, but thanks to BeautyLive, the all-new beautification technology and supporting app that’s available exclusively on the ZenFone Live, the scary ghost seems a gorgeous brunette, who gets dozens of likes.

The spot ends with an image of the two implying the idea that the “victim” ended up by taking a selfie with the ghost and featuring the ghost trying to take a picture of her “victim”, who’s making some strange hand gestures, in her attempt to look scary.

ZenFone Live’s BeautyLive feature enables you to see your skin smoothed and blemishes removed in real time, and share a more beautiful you with friends and followers. The company highlights that its engineers have carefully optimized ZenFone Live to ensure that BeautyLive integrates seamlessly with Facebook, YouTube, and many other popular streaming apps, and that you can make yourself look even more glamourous, in real time, with BeautyLive app, which smooths wrinkles and blemishes, adjusts skin tone and enhances your features.