Beef Johnston in Arby's Commercial

Arby’s celebrates its status of official restaurant of the PGA Tour with a new ad, starring British golfer Andrew “Beef” Johnston.

The 30-second spot, running also as two 15-second spots, highlights that Arby’s is “the official restaurant of unsanctioned mulligans”, “the official restaurant of long gimmies”, “the official restaurant of shenanigans”, and “the official restaurant of beef”. When this last line appears on screen, Andrew Johnston, the young British golfer better known as “Beef”, the 119th-ranked golfer in the world, is shown uttering a large smile at the camera, after having hit a ball on a golf track. Johnston, who has been working with Arby’s since the PGA Championship last July, has a new two-year deal with the fast-food sandwich restaurant chain. “While he is committed to being a great golfer, he isn’t too full of himself and he loves food.” – said Arby’s chief marketing officer Rob Lynch of “Beef”.

Arby’s, currently the seventh-largest fast-food brand in America, has become the first restaurant sponsor of the event after having signed a four-year deal with the PGA Tour, and it will have a food truck at the event.