Anchor Protein+ Commercial

Anchor New Zealand is introducing Anchor Protein+ in a new commercial, promoting its high protein milk, yoghurt and smoothie booster.

The 30-second spot, aiming to highlight that Protein+ helps give Kiwis the strength to tackle whatever life throws their way, features a variety of people drinking Anchor Protein+ while embarking on new endeavors, such as starting a startup, or performing various everyday chores, such as taking care of the kids who’re playing football in the kitchen.

“Starting a startup takes strength, football takes strength, marathon training – you need strength, thinking
about marathon training, strength, winning the trophy, strength, winning the bigger trophy – more strength, multitasking, perfecting, performing, life – takes strength.” – the voiceover says, adding that “strength takes protein, new Anchor Protein+, dairy protein to help you go strong all day long”.

According to the brand, Anchor protein+ is a range of products designed to help you track your protein intake throughout the day, ensuring your body has a chance to use protein efficiently. The Anchor Protein+ range includes yogurts available in various flavors, such as blueberry, strawberry, passionfruit, smoothie boosters, and fresh white milk.