Woman in American Greetings Commercial

American Greetings continues its Give Meaning campaign with a new ad, showing you how one everyday card from one friend to another friend who’s struggling to get pregnant can make a supportive impact.

The 90-second spot, titled “Not Alone”, features a woman’s pain as she gets, month after month, a negative pregnancy test. During a baby shower, a friend notices a look in her eyes that reveals so much about how she’s feeling when everyone around become parents and she’s still struggling to get pregnant, and, one day, when they have lunch together out, gives her an American Greetings card with the printed message “I can’t know what you are feeling, but I’m here for you”, which she personalized, adding their named and the sentence “You’re not alone. Love you.” Really touched, the protagonist forces herself not to cry, and then the two hug each other.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “a card is just a card, but in the right moment it means everything”.