Amazon Christmas Advert - Singing Boxes

After the last year’s Christmas advert, that focused on diversity and cross-cultural understanding, with a priest and an imam catching up over a cup of tea and ordering from Amazon knee pads for each other, this year, Amazon UK focuses, in its Christmas campaign, on the joy an Amazon box brings to its addressee.

The spot features the journey of hundreds of Amazon boxes from the moment they are on the conveyor belt until they
arrive at the destination. In the spotlight, there is a quite small box containing the Christmas gift purchased from Amazon by a woman for her little daughter.

This box and some of its “fellows” are brought to life in the ad to perform the hit song “Give a Little Bit” (the 1977 single by Supertramp, from their fifth album, “Even in the Quietest Moments…”), which is also a message for viewers to give joy, this Christmas, to their dear ones with a gift.