Ally Commercial - Spelling Bee

The online bank holding company Ally has launched a series of new spots to promote its services and introducing Ally Invest.

One of the spots, titled “Spelling Bee”, highlights that “Ally offers multiple investing choices for your personal investment style” by having the voiceover saying this to a man looking into his laptop. “And if that’s not clear enough, we can spell it out for you” – he adds, while a little boy on a stage, at a Spelling Bee contest, starts spelling “multiple”.

Ally Invest offers a wide variety of investment products built for investors of all levels, may they be new to investing, experienced traders or somewhere in between. There is the Self-Directed Trading for the hands-on investor, which has among the industry’s lowest trading fees with no account opening minimum and no hidden fees, and Ally Invest Managed Portfolios, featuring a professionally designed portfolio managed by Ally based on your personal goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.