Ally Invest Commercial - Gentleman

Ally promotes its services in a new ad, highlighting that they are home to “inexpensive trades and unreal rates, so you can boost your investments and savings all in one place”.

“Ally offers low-cost investing and high-yield savings so your money works harder. Not convinced? Listen to this convincing gentleman.” – says the voiceover in the 15-second spot, featuring a young blonde woman looking into her laptop when a handsome man shows up in her living room, on a fur-covered armchair, and says the same thing the voiceover said, but in a more sensual voice. “Ok” – answers the woman, who can’t take her eyes off him.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “Introducing Ally Invest” and with the company’s tagline, “Do It Right”.
The bank holding company believes that it has the “winning combination” for its customers after having introduced its “attractively priced” Ally Invest platform ($4.95 per stock trade), alongside its competitive rates offered on the Ally Bank Online Savings Account (1.05% APY).

Ally Invest offers a wide range of self-directed and managed investment products at some of the industry’s lowest fees and ensures for your online savings account an annual percentage yield of 1.05% on all balance tiers.

Ally highlights that, being an online bank, the costs associated with traditional brick-and-mortar banks are eliminated, so its customers can enjoy great rates and outstanding customer care.