Woman in Allstate Insurance Commercial

Allstate Insurance highlights, in a new commercial, that safe drivers can get a Safe Driving Bonus Check for staying accident free.

The spot features a family in a car driven by the father, who is completely ignored. “It’s ok that everybody ignores me when I drive. It’s fine.” – says the man in a voice that reveals, actually, displeasure, but trying to see the silver lining in this. “Because I get a Safe Driving Bonus Check every six months I’m accident free.

Because I don’t use my cellphone when I’m driving. Even though my family does and leaves me all alone.” – complains the man, adding “Here’s something else.. I don’t share it with Mom. I don’t.” His family are all listening to something through headphones and earphones, respectively, so, in order to make at least his wife feel bad about the fact that he’s “all alone”, asks her “Right, Mom?” and then, taking advantage of the fact that she hadn’t hear what he said, brags about his “brand new putter” that is awesome and that she doesn’t know about.

The spot ends with the man revealing something else, aware of his family immersion in other things: “Sometimes I leave the seat up on purpose”, and with the voiceover saying “Safe Driving Bonus Check only from Allstate” and adding “Switching to Allstate is worth it”.