Actress in Allstate Insurance Commercial

Allstate Insurance has launched a new commercial, promoting its Claim Satisfaction Guarantee.

The 30-second spot, dubbed “No Buts”, features an Allstate customer who tells everyone about the company’s Claim Satisfaction Guarantee, from the friend she’s running with in the morning, to the ophthalmologist, to a mother while waiting for their kids to finish their karate class. “Remember that accident I got in, with the pole, and I had to make a claim and all that?” – she says to her friend, saying that she took some pics with the app and filed a claim. There are some “buts” in her speech, such as “but you know how they send you money to cover repairs and…”, “I got paid right away, but…”, “no, she called to see if I was happy, but…”, but the idea is that if she weren’t happy with her claim experience for any reason, Allstate would give her her money back, “no questions asked”.

The spot ends with the woman asking her friend “Can you believe that?” and the latter anwering “No.” The voiceover says that “Switching to Allstate is Worth It”.