Alfa Romeo Stelvio Commercial

Alfa Romeo USA has launched a new commercial, aiming to highlight that “the ultimate love story begins with the all-new Stelvio” as it “transforms every trip into pure emotion”.

“Every love story has a beginning. Some start with a wish, a glimpse, a touch. When the soul is energized and the mind is stimulated at the same time. Every twist, every turn, every triumph brings you closer to your true passion.

Each gesture shows a confidence that can only come with age. With experience. Revealing that the past is the foundation for the present and a preview of what’s to come.” – a female voiceover says in the 90-second spot, which features a man and a woman preparing themselves to go somewhere. Alternating images of a Stelvio speeding down a road, seemingly in Tuscany (Italy), are also shown and, eventually, when the couple meet up outside, near the car, it is revealed that she is the one driving it, not him, as it may have given the impression.

“No matter how the story starts, it is something to be celebrated. And the real passion begins when you realize it was always about more than just a pretty face.” – the voiceover adds at the end of the spot.