Aldi Advert: The Brownlee Brothers

Alistair and Johnny Brownlee, the 2016 Olympic gold and silver medalists in the triathlon, star in the new Aldi advert.

“From delicious steaks to ice cold beers, Aldi and the Brownlee Brothers, the most competitive brothers in the world, have all your BBQ favourites to help you WIN summer”, is the message conveyed in the 30-second spot.

“The Brownlee Brothers are the most competitive brothers in the world. If Alistair Brownlee could have beaten his brother on these sumptuous Aldi barbeque favourites, by shopping for brands at the Big 4 supermarkets, he would. But he couldn’t. So now he is serving drinks”, says the voiceover, referring to a bet between the siblings that Alistair lost and now he must sit in an icebox where drinks are kept during a barbecue party, to hand them over to the guests willing to have a refreshing drink.

The spot ends with the voiceover urging viewers to “swap and win gold with Aldi’s amazing summer”.