Flight Attendant - Air Canada Commercial

Air Canada has launched a new ad to present its values, its flight crew and inviting you to “join an extraordinary family and become an ambassador of Canada”.

“Travel can be demanding. From the early mornings to the preparation. But for us it’s a profession we’re passionate
about, where every detail is considered, done skillfully and with grace. Because we’re travelers, too. Ones that are proud to fly every mile in the shoes of our customers. We understand the sacrifices and the early mornings. The excitement. The journey. All that it takes. And this inspires our world-class flight crew to be caring the world over. Giving our customers to best travel experience. We book-end trip with our signature touch, sending customers off and welcoming them back with excellence. And as we help them board, we’re inviting you to board, too. On an exciting career on board with Air Canada. We welcome the world with glowing hearted hospitality, always done safely and professionaly. We fly the flag and bring the best of Canada to the world while flying around the world and enjoying all that it has to offer.” – the voiceover says in the 90-second spot, that features a day in the life of an Air Canada flight attendant.

The woman, Helene-Francoise, is seen waking up early in the morning at 4.30 and getting herself ready for the day, that includes a flight to Paris. She pays attention to the smallest details, while still enjoying a cup of coffee, and, on her way to the airport, makes some acts of kindness for the ones around her: she gives her taxi to another woman, who seems to be in a hurry, and picks up the stuffed teddy bear of a boy in the airport, noticing that he might lose it. She is also seen doing her job in the aircraft and then visiting Paris and enjoying a local dish in the company of her two colleagues.

“Flying to 200 destinations on six continents, we invite you to take to your bright future with Air Canada.” – the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

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