Kia Soul Commercial

Kia Canada showcases the 2017 Kia Soul and promotes the Pick Your Payment Sales Event in its latest commercial.

The 30-second spot features the conversation between a young woman and her boyfriend, who’s picking her up after having purchased a 2017 Kia Soul. She is delighted by the leather seats, which are heated and air-cooled, and by the “huge” panoramic sunroof. She also notices the Apple CarPlay, when one of her boyfriend’s buddies sends him a text. The man reveals that the respective car has done a lot for him socially and says, in response to her question, that it was in the budget, adding that he gets to pick his payment.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying “It’s true! You can get everything you want when you pick your payments with Kia”.

The company highlights that, at the Pick Your Payment Sales Event, you can get 0% lease or finance + $2000 bonus or $5000 in cash discounts on select models. The prices range from $14.295 to $56.295.